Stockholm Study Circle

The  Monthly session will be on
SUNDAY 5/5/2019 AT 4:00 pm to 6:00 PM

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As you know, we have the monthly session of Darse Quran and we started in 2007. It´s our effort to understand the Holy Quran subject wise. We take one topic and search all the verses of Holy Quran about that Topic and get our Understandings. We also include the Sayings (hadith) of Holy Prophet (PBUH) related to that Topic and even Message of Allama Iqbal and other scholars. We also discuss our every day problem and try to get the solution from the Last message of Allah. 
We made a PowerPoint Presentation which is explained and presented in the Meeting. After the session we used to send that Presentation to our members and other friends world wide. The Presentation is in Urdu and English and is prepared with hard work. It provides us opportunity to understand the Holy Book and also latest Scientific and Modern advancements which are also the part of presentation.
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Edited 1/07-2018